• I teach CS at Mills College in Oakland, California, which has academic programs aimed at people who want to get into tech after majoring in something else in college. Our program isn’t as fast as boot camps (1.5-2 years), but our grads get software engineering jobs at companies like Google (where I worked for 11 years), Apple, Salesforce, Splunk, Intuit, Mozilla, etc. Mills is another option that people considering bootcamps should be aware of. https://www.mills.edu/academics/graduate-programs/computer-science/index.php

    • An interesting alternative, but it appears to be quite costly. If I am reading it correctly, the requirements are 43 units @ $1,285/unit = roughly $55k. That is not counting opportunity cost of spending 1.5-2years to obtain the degree.

      While I agree that coding bootcamps aren’t in-depth enough for a complete beginner to be job-ready for a place like Google, I saw plenty of people have successful outcomes when I went through one.

      I like that Mills offers CS masters for those without CS backgrounds, but it seems like we are comparing apples and oranges here. Maybe the ideal balance lies somewhere between the two? I also know people who taught themselves everything from scratch, and went on to land solid SWE jobs.